sale of African gold in large quantities

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We are gold collectors from the African sub-region,
and we are in partnership with large production units,
and sale of powdered gold,
and in artisanal ingots in Africa (Mali, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Congo, Burkina-Faso).

The characteristics of the FCO
Commodity: Metal Au (Gold)
Origin: West Africa
Form: powder and artisanal ingots
Quality: 22 carats +
Purity: 96 minimum
Quantity: 7 tons
Delivery: at destination after testing the sample at the seller's refinery.
Precision of packaging: secure metal storage boxes of 100 kg.
Price: 39000 USD / Kg
Payment in cash, or bank transfer.
We have a refinery to check the product before purchase.
For any request, please contact us, or visit our website.
Mobile: whatsapp: 0022960298484
our website: www.https: //

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